It's a lot less squirrelly than my Ariston Audio RD11s, which I relegated to my second stereo system in favor of the RP-1 it was meant to replace. Even the platter has a higher mass and enhanced flywheel effect for improved speed stability. The tonearm is Rega's new RB101: the latest variant/descendant of the tried and true RB300, and a slight upgrade from the RB100 tonearm of the P1. The 3 series of Rega turntables is probably one of the best-selling turntable lines in the history of the world. (Termites?) The Rega design team made a big splash on the turntable scene with the release of the Planar 3 model in 1977 and … The closest I could come was Rega's own RB300 tonearm, surely the best-selling perfectionist tonearm of all time. Ahead of tomorrow’s final Record Store Day 2020 drop, we are launching a charity auction of for three stunning Planar 3 turntables signed by artists. Thanks for the memory. The standard Ortofon OMB5 has been replaced by Rega’s own Bias 2. All the products on my list were simple, purposeful, cost-effective things lacking in pretense and filigree; much the same could be said of Rega's latest record player, the entry-level RP-1 ($445). Rega RP1 vs. Planar 1. La platine vinyle Rega RP1 est remplacée par la platine vinyle Rega Planar 1.. Cette platine vinyle Rega RP1 présente à nos yeux beaucoup d’intérêt et d’atouts. The RB101 uses a simpler version of the alloy armtube casting that was developed for the RB300, with a separate, glued-in headshell and a plainer bearing housing. The plinth carries a superbly-made main bearing and the RB 101 tonearm – a simplified version of Rega’s highly regarded RB 300. Jason Kennedy. Rega RP1 is a true plug & play device; It is factory-installed inexpensive, but very solid Rega Carbon MM cartridge and the tracking force is factory set to the value Rega claims in the range of 1.5 to 2 g. The counterweight, though, can move, but there is no common thread for adjusting the weight at will, which could be a problem to those who decide to upgrade this turntable with a tonearm that … The improvement was so drastic that I would gladly have spent more for the OM 20 or even 30 stylus, but I understand that there would be little additional impact unless mounted on one of the Super OM cartridges, which the OM 5e is not. The turntable housing is lighter, but in … NOTE: I do not recommend the new Planar 1 or 2 because the bias control is non-existent. Visit our corporate site. Therefore, go to the Planar 3 to better the RP1. Art, I totally remember those white tires, and extra "grabby" they were. Mostly, this is the same turntable we know and love, but with a few key tweaks. Please refresh the page and try again. Today we’re dealing with an enhanced version: the Rega RP1 Performance Pack. But the board turns out to be of a well-chosen wood composite, with a nice looking—and presumably vibration-damping—outer skin. The sound at this price point is hard to beat. As with any turntable, careful positioning is a must for the best results: just keep it away from the … Using a small rubber belt of round cross-section, the molded subplatter is driven by a 250rpm synchronous motor, a nice-looking Dutch component apparently not too different from the ones used in Rega's more expensive turntables—or the Linn LP12, for that matter. We really like the Rega RP1 Performance Pack. It’s a detailed sound: there’s plenty of texture, as well as a pleasing degree of transparency, which was never the greatest strength of the standard RP1. for more info + purchase, visit: intro, unboxing, and setup video for the Rega RP1 Turntable. Immediately, the sound became more detailed, the stereo separation greatly increased and the stage expanded. For those people who might buy some of the leftover RP1's there is a bit of problem. You get a simple rectangular plinth with three rubber feet. If you find however that your counterweight is not heavy enough then set the dial at 2 grams and try again – Alternatively you can superglue on steel washers. vous propose la célèbre platine vinyle Rega RP1 sublimée par un kit spécialement conçu pour elle :. But that was a few years ago. Top! I'm not much of a tonearm-tapper—I consider the practice inconclusive at best, mildly silly and fatuous at worst—but I tried it anyway with the RB101, and heard a sound that was timbrally similar to that of the resin platter. I'm not sure why Rega abandoned the wooden platter of the P1 and various OEM turntables they've made in the past. le kit RP1 performance.. La platine vinyle Rega RP1 est née de l’envie du constructeur de proposer un produit simple d’utilisation et accessible au grand public.. Achetez en toute sécurité et au meilleur prix sur eBay, la livraison est rapide. It has a plain rectangular plinth with three rubber feet. The RP-1's platter is molded from phenolic resin, a comparatively ancient sort of thermoplastic that's similar but not identical to Bakelite. It comes with the RB303 tonearm which is an update to Rega’s venerable RB300 arm. Ainsi, vous pourrez avoir à votre disposition l’image stéréo qui est à l’avenant, plus précisément avec un beau relief. The clips are so bad they are embarrassing. You can get the turntable in matte black, white or grey. Shares. In fact, pretty much everything you see has undergone some form of modification, including the Thermoset, gloss-laminated plinth, with its on/off switch hiding beneath the front left corner. And while the greater good may come from long production runs and stable product lines, I was nonetheless encouraged by this replacement for the scarcely-four-year-old Rega P1: At a time when most manufacturers of high-value gear are either chasing the bigger profits they think exist upmarket or throwing in the towel altogether, Rega Research seems more dedicated than ever to the giving of more for the taking of (relatively) less. The unadorned RP1 is an impressive turntable in its own right, but the upgraded version puts in one hell of a performance. En premier lieu, et cela nous semble très important, elle rend par son prix la marque REGA accessible au plus grand nombre. Rega turntables are recognized worldwide as some of the best record players available today. La RP1 se place en début de gamme et reste, pour son prix, terriblement attractive à plus d’un titre. For starters, there’s a new, thicker drive belt. 39,09 EUR. Placing the Planar 1 Plus next to the Planar 1 results in a quick game of spot-the-difference. Rega set the dial to be effectively disengaged at its 3 gram setting (this may sound strange but it’s logical if you think about it for long enough). The platter is made of phenolic resin (read: fancy plastic). It's a beautifully made thing, with a brass well, a small steel thrust ball, and a 0.32"-diameter steel spindle, its bottom machined flat (not unlike that of the larger and ball-less Garrard 301). I had totally forgotten about them. The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon does have a slight edge when it comes to absolute insight. Elsewhere, it’s a standard RP1. RB880 tonearm; Ania, Ania Pro or Apheta 3 (optional) 18 mm Triple layer float glass platter; Double brace technology ; Tancast 8 foamcore plinth; Custom matched Neo PSU; Custom de Rega RP-10 review | best of high end I have to be honest with you, I still remember my parents’ Dual turntable and the fun experienced while listening to the fairy tales from the Efteling, a Dutch theme park, and later on Jeff Wayne’s musical version of the war of the worlds. I've unpacked and repacked many dozens of Rega record players over the years, and this one was no different: Neither Rega's packing materials themselves—three Styrofoam inserts, some cardboard bits, a few strips of translucent red tape—nor the way they're put together have changed in over 30 years. Rega P1 Plus. I tried to name a high-end audio product that's been recommended more often than the, AMG Viella Forte turntable and 12JT tonearm, Analog Corner #295: Rega Planar 10 turntable, RB3000 tonearm, Apheta 3 phono cartridge, HiFiction Thales TTT-Slim II turntable & Simplicity II tonearm, Merrill-Williams R.E.A.L. But with the Ortofon 10 stylus -- which is easy to swap out -- the OM 5e isn't a bad little cartridge. Through years of careful evolution, attention to detail, and a desire to always do better – Rega has helped ensure modern record players continue to grow in popularity. That includes award winning amplification systems, speakers, cartridges and of course turntables. Visitez eBay pour une grande sélection de rega rp1. Look around!) Friday, May 4, 2018. turntable with built-in phono stage . At the approximate center of the plinth is a sign of Rega's precision-engineering pedigree: a platter bearing that wouldn't seem out of place on a $1000 turntable. La Rega RP1 présente une bande passante qui est parfaitement équilibrée, lui offrant un ensemble très homogène notamment un grave tendu et charnel, un médium ouvert et naturel, un aigu dense et chatoyant. After that came the Rega Planar 2 turntable, a sample of which I owned and loved in the early 1980s. The cartridge supplied with the Rega RP-1 is an Ortofon OM 5E, a moving-magnet type that weighs 5gm, tracks at 1.75gm, exhibits a compliance of 20µm/mN (which is on the high side of acceptable for a decidedly medium-mass arm such as the Rega), and puts out 4mV at 1kHz, 5cm/s. My review here covers the Rega RP3. Rega's new RP1 turntable was designed and engineered to achieve outstanding performance way beyond the expectations of a product at this price point. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Rega must've bought a million of those things. It’s a brilliant entry-level turntable. The Planar 1 Plus uses the exact same platter, bearing, RB110 tonearm, Carbon MM cartridge, 24v synchronous AC motor and acrylic plinth as the original model. And if you’re already the proud owner of a standard RP1, this is an upgrade you should consider. Offre de destockage. Designed for Planar 1, Planar 2, Planar 3 and Planar 6 and many older Rega models; Simple screw fit adaptors are available to fit the older, RP8 and RP10 turntables; Available in two colours: black and white; 1.2kg lighter and more rigid than the previous model; Strobe Kit. Mostly, this is the same turntable we know and love, but with a few key tweaks. You also get a new mat: it’s thicker too, and made of natural wool, as opposed to the synthetic material of the original (for better damping and reduced resonance). The bearing spindle is pressed into a 4"-diameter molded hub that serves as a subplatter—another of those things that Rega seems to have bought in bulk. Higher quality RCA cable to cardas, new wire run, high quality clips added. It’s about time Rega incorporated a phono stage into its entry level turntable. If you’re buying your first turntable, the Rega Planar 1 is one of the simplest, most user-friendly options on the market. Our test copy is a sleek white, but the black finish is equally tidy; devotees to sharp lines and ergonomic design are likely to be impressed. It’s a surefooted, confident sound whether you spin an older, scratchier record or a fresh pressing. It uses the same amplifier stage as the multi-award winning Brio now designed to run at 30 W per channel into 8 Ω. Speed change is manual: you have to take the platter off and move the drive belt by hand. BA1 1UA. Rega RP1 review Rega has revised its entry-level record player, adding a new tonearm and platter material By Jason Kennedy 02 October 2010. Sets up easy, right out of the box. It was like a whole new component. Plug it into a Rega Phono stage and you have something you can enjoy for a long time. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Rega - RP1 Turntable (Cool Gray) at There are other options like adding a 24volt motor, but mine is working well with the white belt. Speed change is manual: you have to take the platter off and move the drive belt by hand. Setting up is about as simple as it gets. The Rega RP1 has always finished at the top of the polls over the years for its design, simplicity and sonic performance. The RP1 is about as simple as record players get. All rights reserved. The new Rega RP6 is an example of how it looks in practice. If you like the sleek, minimal design of the Planar 1 (in gloss white or gloss black finishes), you wo… I upgraded the stylus on the stock OM 5e that came mounted on the turntable with the Ortofon 10 stylus. The wiring in the tone arm is as low quality as you can get. Le socle est fait d’un assemblage de fines plaques en MDF compressées qui lui confèrent une bonne rigidité et une immunité contre les phénomènes vibratoires. Given Rega's pedigree at higher prices it's no surprise to see the company delivering such an excellent budget product. We put on Nirvana’s Nevermind and the opening drum whacks of In Bloom are properly thrashy. But if you already have the turntable, you can buy the parts separately as an upgrade. 101.3 turntable, Palmer Audio 2.5 turntable & Audio Origami PU7 tonearm, Gramophone Dreams #43: First Watt F8 power amplifier, Bowers & Wilkins 705 Signature loudspeaker, Analog Corner #304: SAT XD1 record player, Acoustic Geometry Room treatments (before & after), My current and likely the last home audio setup, Fascinating wiev by Verity Audio Sarastro, Recommended Components: Fall 2020 Edition. With particular effort given over to their new phenolic resin platter, the sound is crisper, clearer, … Hardware Review. (The platter's sound was a little lower in frequency.) The simple test to see if this is correct is to try it! Bath There was a problem. Continuing the Rega legacy of sound quality, this newest addition to their turntable collection is just as good. You are stuck with the cartridge they give you. What Hi-Fi? The io features two line level inputs, a high specification Rega moving magnet phono stage, and a dedicated high quality headphone output. There’s a good sense of rhythmic drive, while the dynamics are strong and wide. The bottom of the motor is cushioned with self-adhesive foam strips, and its axle is topped with a molded pulley, with separate "steps" for 33.3 and 45rpm: In this part of Sparta, changing the speed, when needed, is done manually. I love the aesthetic minimalist look of both project carbon debut and this Rega RP1. Sign up below to get the latest from What Hi-Fi?, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox! For those people who might buy some of the leftover RP1's there is a bit of problem. Thank you for signing up to What Hi-Fi?. That will set you back about £85. Unpacking the RP-1 was like seeing an old friend. Apart from the logo printed in the corner, the two decks are virtually identical. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Next on my list was the original Rega Elys, a moving-magnet cartridge that sounded as chunky and direct as it was cheap and magenta. Simply the clips (2) broke, so I had to rebuild the very good tonearm. I very much like my white Rega RP-1. This really is a basic turntable – which is fine if it means more attention is paid to its engineering. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices, The anti-skate device is calibrated by means of an easy-to-use slider, The standard Ortofon OMB5 cartridge has been replaced by Rega’s own Bias 2, Five-star wireless speaker deal: $50 off JBL Charge 4 at Amazon, Formula One live stream: how to watch 2020 F1 races in 4K, PS5: release date, specs and news for the PlayStation 5, Best PS5 deals: save on consoles, accessories and bundles. And the RP-1's suspension turns out to be the same simply made yet cleverly designed rubber feet that have supported Rega turntables since time out of mind. MORE: H… is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. (Unlike the Ariston, which will skip if you look at it funny (it needs new springs), you can jackhammer the floor next to the RP-1 to no effect.) Rega RP1 Performance pack (2014) We've always been fans of Rega's entry-level turntable, the RP1, but this enhanced version took things to a new level. The austere RP-1 appears to have nothing up its sleeve: a simple, oblong plinth—a board, really—with a plain-looking platter, a plain-looking tonearm, and a plain-looking on/off button. Turntable + Power Supply . Temps restant Il reste 2 j 1 h. 0 enchères. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, An Audio Technica 150mlx will emprove more than any cartridge Rega makes. 899,00 EUR. D'occasion. The ideal counterweight position is marked on the arm, so it’s merely a matter of attaching the weight itself. Rega RP1 review. Ian Peel finds out how their ultra-high-end deck fares when paired with some top separates and some heavy doses of Stevie Nicks and ABC… Additional equipment Naim amp, Sopra speakers and REL subs Price £5,498 Web The moving-magnet cartridge is new, too. Also reviewed here are the Elys 2 cartridge and the TT PSU speed box. Will this new model be able to sustain the momentum Rega has going for them? The Low + Dirty Three In the Fishtank 7 LP seemed the perfect place to start, with it’s dreamy, ethereal vocals, fading way off into the distance of the soundstage on the opening track, “I Hear…Goodnight,” with Mimi Parkers gentle brushwork on the drums so faint, it would be lost on a budget rig. Just set the bias – a slider under the tonearm – and you’re off. You get a simple rectangular plinth with three rubber feet. It’s a blindingly good turntable for the money, and a great entry point into the world of vinyl. For starters, there’s a new, thicker drive belt. Reduce the mass and increase the strength, move structural resonances to the upper range of the frequency spectrum, minimize damping, and reduce engine vibration without using mechanical aids. Like a rowboat or a pair of pliers, if the thing were any simpler, it simply wouldn't work. Provenance : Royaume-Uni + Frais de livraison estimés (16,07 EUR) Formalités douanières et suivi international fournis. The io has been designed to offer exceptional Rega performance at an affordable price point. © The plinth carries a superbly-made main bearing and the RB 101 tonearm – a simplified version of Rega’s highly regarded RB 300. Rega Planar rp3 avec Aiguille, rega-Câble et ttpsu! At this level it's all about simple, effective engineering: something Rega understands. The thing with Pro-ject Debut Carbon was the vibration from the motor that made a miserable 400 Hz note - which I believe just quality control issue from the factory since many positive reviews for Debut Carbon says no hum. We’re told it’s hand-assembled, with an elliptical stylus and parallel wound coils, and quality-tested for two days. I suspect that these are very good things, but I don't really know. Oh yeah, enjoyed the article,  too! An Audio Technica 150mlx will emprove more than any cartridge Rega makes. But, when tapped, the resin platter sounds a bit less thwocky than the wood, and more of its mass seems—there's that word again—concentrated around its periphery: a good thing. The review sample arrived in perfectly good shape, despite one or two of the Styrofoam pieces being a bit crumbly. (The latter is something you could even make at home, assuming your home is well supplied with formaldehyde and carbolic acid. Roy Gandi has several simple rules in designing a turntable. The cartridge comes pre-fitted. I have a rega Plana 2 of over 20 year vintage with damaged tone arm I am thinking of replacing the turntable : will this rp1 give comparable or even better performance? You will receive a verification email shortly. You can get the Rega RP1 Performance Pack factory fitted, as we did. The wiring in the tone arm is as low quality as you can get. The clips are so bad they are embarrassing. Dang if I don't have one very good turntable. Then again, the Rega counters with a weightier, more exciting sound. (The Rega P1 came bundled with an Ortofon OMB 5E cartridge, which was said at the time to be an OEM-only item; by contrast, the OM 5E is part of Ortofon's regular product line; replacement styli should be available from any Ortofon dealer.). (Until the late 1990s, Rega used a second rubber belt in each turntable, forming it into a suspension "cradle" for the motor.) Excellent build quality, reliability and ease of use combine to make a product, which will offer a lifetime of musical enjoyment. D'occasion. There’s also a version pimped out with the Union Jack. Elsewhere, it’s a standard RP1. The platter is made of phenolic resin (read: fancy plastic). And, except for the addition of a cue-arm, the simplicity of the RP-1 harkens back to the beloved AR of my college years -- a turntable easily managed by college kids in any level of altered consciousness. With the world awash with cheap, flimsy turntables that are more likely to destroy vinyl than do it any justice the market is crying out for easier solutions. This record also cle Description It wouldn’t be an audiophile review without some female vocals, eh? This really is a basic turntable – which is fine if it means more attenti… Rega RP 6 Review & Test. Rega design and make turntables for all budgets. Utilisé rega 12 mm Verre Plateau Avec En Feutre Tapis Pour Rega P1 P2 RP1 Moth Nad. Rega RP10 Review – When Money Is No Object. I performed only one tweak to the RP-1, which resulted in an excellent improvement of its sound. Be sure to use a flat, stable surface, preferably far from your speakers (or any other source of vibration). We liked it enough to give it five stars and, eventually, an Award. When mechanical engineer Roy Gandy founded Rega Research Ltd. back in 1973, his goal was a simple one: manufacture high-end audio equipment at affordable prices. The armtube's diameter is 0.5", the effective length is 240mm, and antiskating force is applied with an adjustable (and calibrated) magnet. Not to mention they really tricked out my hot pink 1967 Camaro racer. The original RP1 was a terrific performer for the money, but the Performance Pack bumps up the quality further. Compared to other turntables on the market, getting the Rega – RP1 Turntable to work out of the package only requires removing the packaging, sliding the weight on, plugging in, and then playing. In this video, we will show you step-by-step how to set up a Rega Planar 1 Turntable. Setup and installation We’ve always been fans of the Rega RP1. As always, careful placement is key.
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