I’d sooner suffer my head being parted from my body than quench this fire to humour a bride, or as a husband pass by your sealed threshold, and, having betrayed it, look back with streaming eyes. Propertius 2.12: war with Amor. Then, when they set you in the front rank of the circling dance, and Bacchus there in the middle with his cunning wand, then will I let the sacred ivy berries hang about my head: since without you my genius has no power. Oedipus at Colonus (Loeb Classical Library No. This victory’s more than conquering far Parthia to me: she’s my spoil: my chariot: my riches. So even the pages of learned Calvus confessed, when he sang of wretched Quintilia’s death. But perhaps as they say sinful love is always deaf. Persephone, let your mercy endure: Dis, why set out to be crueller than her? When she’s loosed the windings of her Sidonian turban, and flickers her heavy eyelids, it won’t be Arabian perfumes will breathe on you, but the ones Love made himself with his own fingers. We provide answers to over 2 … The introduction provides the necessary historical and critical background and relates Book II to the rest of the elegies; the notes are helpful and to the point; and the text has a reasonable minimum of apparatus. Just as the ox at first rejects the plough, but later accepts the yoke and goes quiet to the fields, so spirited youth frets at first, in love, but takes the rough with the smooth later, tamed. Could you have lived then with the shame? At times he moves to different themes but his muse invariably takes him back to the "service of Venus." Though my arms were fastened with bronze links: though my members were enclosed by Danae’s tower: I would break chains of bronze for you, mea vita, and leap over Danae’s iron tower. See how now the sun, and now the moon serve in the sky: well one girl’s not enough for me. Please try again. In the following poem Propertius … September 2, 2020 The DPW has posted their 2020 Fall/Winter Yardwaste Schedule....Read More about 2020 Fall/Winter Yardwaste Schedule. Book Two As Lachmann first realized, Book 2 is a conflation of two books: its bulk is far too large for an Augustan poetry book; and at 2.13.25 the poet implies that he is writing his third book. More: the lover pleads, when despised: and when wronged confesses sins: and then returns himself with reluctant step. Often, great leaders, great tyrants have fallen: and Thebes stood once, and there was noble Troy. Yet Neptune’s not so cruel to great love: Neptune matches his brother Jove in loving. Throughout the work, Propertius is primarily occupied with love poetry--with his more than likely fictitious mistress, Cynthia. For Stahl and Lyne the poem … You’ll gather them and say: ‘These are your ashes, Propertius. Now banquets are given, tables burdened without me: now the door’s open all night, but not for me. Whether she’s in common dress or scarlet, one or the other’s the road to a cruel wound. The god redeemed his pledge for that embrace, and the golden urn poured out a celestial stream. Love has no answer to your question: ‘Why?’. Fear of what might happen to those we love can haunt us in our dreams. He was the first to see that lovers live without sense, and that great good is lost in trivial cares. While I wandered last night, mea lux, in drink, and with never a servant’s hand there to guide me, a crowd of I don’t know how many tiny boys came against me (it was fear alone stopped me counting them); some held little torches, and some held arrows, and some seemed ready to drape me with chains. Like all Loeb books, this one has an outstanding introductory essay and very readable translation. And O you bed made blessed by delights! Admetus’s wife, Alcestis, was blessed, and Ulysses’s bed-mate, Penelope, and every woman who loves her husband’s home! Earth will sooner taunt farmers with false spring; Sol the sun-god drive with black horses; streams call their waters backwards to their fountains; fish be stranded, and the deep dry land; sooner than I transfer my pangs to another: hers am I living, hers will I be in death. But it’s easy for you to weave lies and deceits: that’s one art that women have always learned. A girl like that was not ashamed to sleep with the old, or press so many kisses on its white hair. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. What use is it girls, building temples in honour of Chastity, if every bride’s allowed to do what she wants? I'm a huge fan of Augustan Age elegaic poetry, and Propertius does not disappoint. Why take such a long journey to Rome? Conditions and Exceptions apply. His poetry has been noted by modern critics for its striking forms of expression, … But give no credence to hostile tongues: the tales have always punished beauties. But no old age would lead me away from loving you, not even if I was Nestor, or Tithonus. The stars are witnesses, girl, and the frost at dawn, and the doors that opened secretly for unhappy me that nothing in my life was ever as dear to me as you: and you will be, forever, too, though you’re so unkind to me. It undoes girls, it’s undone them before: what they promise the winds and the waves carry away. You as well, credulous man, waxing proud when love’s at the full: no woman stays firm for long. Whether you’re moved by Tantalus’s fate beside the water, parched as the liquid ebbs from his thirsty mouth, or whether you admire Sisyphus’s labour, rolling his awkward burden up all the mountain side: nothing in the world lives more harshly than a lover, nor, if you’re at all wise, is there anything that you’d wish less to be. ‘You would say that: now you’re common talk because of that notorious book, now your Cynthia’s viewed by the whole Forum?’ Who wouldn’t bead with sweat at those words in the circumstances, whether from honest shame, or wishing to keep quiet his affairs? What if my youth were white with age’s white hair and sagging wrinkles furrowed my brow? Then I’d be better known in my art than the Argive, Linus. Kill me with daggers or poison: but take yourself off, leave my mistress alone. Not even if coursing the air on Pegasus’s back, nor if the wings of Perseus moved your feet. You beauties have never learned to be sparing of words. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. O night that shines for me! There is also a discussion of ‘Book 2b’, which he begins with 2.13. Even though you’re leaving Rome against my wish, I’m glad, Cynthia, since you’re without me, you’re in the country, off the beaten track. Who will sing the face, the hands, or the dark eyes of my girl, or how sweetly her footsteps are accustomed to fall. It’s daring enough to take the gentle hare, or pierce a bird with a trim rod, where Clitumnus clothes the beautiful stream with woodland tangles, and his wave bathes the snow-white heifers. Why is the spirit preserved, yet, for an unknown hour? Treated as such, it has been used to support a surprising variety of conclusions. Jupiter, be merciful, at last, to the poor girl: such a beauty’s death would be a crime. Book II.11:1-6 ‘Let other men write about you’, Book II.13:1-16 His wish for Cynthia’s appreciation of his verse, Book II.13A:17-58 His wishes for his funeral, Book II.17:1-18 His faithfulness, though ignored, Book II.19:1-32 Cynthia is off to the country, Book II.21:1-20 Cynthia deceived by Panthus, Book II.23:1-24 The advantage of a bought woman, Book II.24:1-16 Propertius’s book well-known, Book II.25:1-48 Constancy and Inconstancy, Book II.33:1-22 Cynthia performing the rites. I’m a follower of camps like this: I’ll be a great poet singing of your camp: let the fates oversee that day! Why couldn’t he lose his life on the Ceraunian rocks? One mourned the Gauls thrown from Parnassus’s peak, and the other the death, of Niobe, Tantalus’s daughter. And I wish, if perhaps I’ve lead a pious life, for that man, in the midst of love, to turn to stone! And if your name or your beauty could not hold me, the gentleness of your demands would indeed. Everyone wishes to hurt those who are absent. Let the man who sows his seed in barren soil praise you. Now the medicine’s wasted on the ashes. And you Goddesses yield whom shepherd Paris once saw, when you laid your clothes aside for him on Ida’s mountain slopes! 194) (English and Latin Edition), Ovid: The Art of Love and Other Poems (Loeb Classical Library No. ‘Why,’ she said: ‘you’re an early spy on your mistress, do you think my morals then are yours? Wouldn’t it be better to harden at the Gorgon’s gaze, or even suffer those Caucasian vultures? Now, I want to set out with more serious aspect: now my Muse teaches me on a different lute. Was Venus annoyed that you were compared to her? Video. And you, that recall service to many loves, if so, what pain afflicts your eyes! Though Ida’s mount tells how a nymph loved shepherd Paris, sleeping with him among the flocks, the crowd of Hamadryad sisters saw it, and Silenus, head of the ancient troop of Satyrs, with whom, in the hollows of Ida, Naiad, you gathered falling apples, catching them below in your hands. That handsome lover of yours has a wife! But you, Venus, O, help me in my pain: let his incessant lust destroy his member! Propertius, though his works are small in volume, is one of the foremost poets of the Augustan age and his writing has a certain appeal to modern tastes. With an English … … But if she’ll grant me such nights with her as this, one year will seem as long as a lifetime. Is this what, at first, you made me take delight in? Why the Appian Way, so often, to Lanuvium? That is Caesar’s power and his glory: he who conquered sheathed the sword. Audio. What about when Achilles left Briseis’s arms? When was Propertius' Elegies Book 4 written? As often as I sang Mutina; Philippi, the citizens graveyard; the sea-fights in that Sicilian rout; the ruined Etruscan fires of the former race; Ptolemy’s Pharos, its captive shore; or sang of Egypt and Nile, when crippled, in mourning, he ran through the city, with seven imprisoned streams; or the necks of kings hung round with golden chains; or Actium’s prows on the Sacred Way; my Muse would always weave you into those wars, mind loyal at making or breaking peace. Your name’s not been tarnished by being caught with drugs: Apollo bears witness that your hands are clean. Surely Io you learnt from hidden couplings with Jove, what it is to wander, when Juno ordered you, a girl, to wear horns, and lose your speech to the harsh sound cows make. Next Class Start Dates* QUINCY. And often chew your helpless fingernails between your teeth, and tap the ground nervously with your foot, in anger! So sing the writings of lustful Catullus, whose Lesbia’s known more widely than Helen. Often his mood alters with a single word: she will scarcely be satisfied with your blood. The snow-white shape of a savage bull corrupted great Minos’s wife once, they say, and Danae enclosed in a tower of bronze, was no less unable, in her chastity, to deny great Jove. What good’s it to you to have girls sleep alone? The 19th century classics scholar Karl Lachmann argued, based on the unusually large number of poems in this book and Propertius' mention of tres libelli, that the single Book II actually comprises two separate books of poetry conflated in the manuscript tradition, an idea supported by the state of the manuscript tradition of "Book II." Now with naked breasts she struggles against me, now, tunic gathered, demands delay. Don’t smooth out a bed there on ivory posts for me then, no corpse on a couch, pressing down mounds of Attalic cloth of gold. So many days have gone by since any desire for the theatre or the arena stirred me, and food itself gives me no joy. And wearies the boy asking about what he’s already heard, and orders him to ask about the fate he fears to know. If any man wants to outdo the fame of ancient paintings, let him take my lady as model for his art: If he shows her to the East, to the West, he’ll inflame the West, and inflame the East. If you know shame, transfer your war elsewhere: better to try those innocent of your poison. It’s my joy to have read in the arms of a learned girl, and to have my writing proved by her discerning ear. This paper sets out in section I the most useful evidence we possess for the dating of Propertius Book 1, Tibullus Book 1, and Propertius Books 2a and 2b.2 The evidence squares with a sequence of … Though it be for me to taste Phaedra’s chalice, from which Hippolytus took no harm; or for me to die of Circe’s herbs; or for Medea to heat the Colchian cauldron over Iolcus’s fire; yet since one woman alone has stolen my senses, it’s from her house my funeral cortege shall go. I’m wounded if your mother smothers you in kisses, your sister, or the girlfriend you sleep with. Also, with meaning, he added the wings of the wind, and made the god hover in the human heart: true, since we’re thrown about on shifting winds, and the breeze never lingers in one place. What deceitful fortune-teller have I not been victim of, what old woman has not pondered my dreams ten times? Click here for a complete list of city events. Should I be ashamed to serve but one mistress? That time has come when the scorching air burns, and Earth begins to blaze beneath the torrid Dog-star. For this reason, he is not as well known today as he should; he will always linger in their shadows, but majestically and with the piercing light of respect. We use cookies for essential site functions and for social media integration. Though she often calls for you, remember, go but once: that which is envied often fails to last. The girl herself fires my wit. Peleus was not with you then Achilles, nor your sea-goddess mother, nor Scyrian Deidamia, bereaved in her bed. And surely you’ll follow: scratches on your bare breasts; and never weary of calling my name; and place the last kiss on my frozen lips, when the onyx jar with its Syrian nard is granted. Why complain my faithfulness has ebbed away? Be rid of it: I’ll still see you as beautiful, truly: your beauty’s sufficient for me, if only you’ll come often. book 1 book 2 book 3 book 4 poem: poem 1 poem 2 poem 3 poem 4 poem 5 poem 6 poem 7 poem 8 poem 9 poem 10 poem 11 poem 12 poem 13 poem 13b poem 14 poem 15 poem 16 poem 17 poem … There are no traces deep in the bed, signs of writhing about, or mutual slumber. Many men sought to be yours, you have sought me only: can I fail to remember your qualities? Let that man contend with me in ingenuity, contend in art: let him be taught how to love in one place first. ‘But Caesar’s mighty.’ But Caesar’s might’s in armies: conquered people are worth nothing in love. I’d remember the wars of your Caesar, his doings, and you, under mighty Caesar, my next concern. Select an address number: 4. You are born to be the unique glory of Roman girls: you’ll be the first Roman girl to sleep with Jove, and never visit mortal beds amongst us. Mine was nearly stolen away like that. Let Jupiter himself set our boat on fire, so long as she is never absent from my eyes. Let me be ruined, if he seeks anything else but glory from you: he, the husband gains praise from this. When fierce Hector rose from Andromache’s bed, did the Mycenaean fleet not fear the battle? $99 or $189 for Continuing Ed Renewal . The Theban princes fell in no less dire a war for a kingdom, their mother torn between them, than if we fought, my girl between us, I, not fleeing my own death if I could achieve yours. loved him so. Why does such human beauty linger on Earth? Cynthia, delight to lie with me, in caves of dew, by mossy hills. And already I was about to dive myself from a high rock, when fear woke me from such visions. Yet now I seem to be a truer oracle to you than Dodona’s. I, whatever the place, am yours in every moment, whether I am in sickness or in health. For if you change towards me, perhaps through some fault of mine, let me lie down dying at your threshold! Then die: let her rejoice at your death! O, Neptune, what gifts I’d have given you! Now, mea lux, shall my ship preserved come to your shores, or sink, fully laden, in the shallows? It would be no dishonourable death. And one plank will do for a pair of lovers, whether the prow’s my bed, or the stern. 6), Ovid: Heroides and Amores (Loeb Classical Library) (English and Latin Edition), Elegies: With Parallel Latin Text (Oxford World's Classics), Propertius: Elegies I-IV (American Philological Association Series of Classical Texts), Juvenal and Persius (Loeb Classical Library), Horace: Satires, Epistles and Ars Poetica (Loeb Classical Library, No. Then when you’ve carried through the Labours the story tells of, for her to write ‘Have you any little thing for me?’ so you can face a surly guard, or often, imprisoned, lurk in some vile hole. One and the other destroyed ships or walls: in this I am Achilles, in this I am fierce Hector. Medicine cures all human sorrows: only love likes no doctor for its disease. The faces of young men in your paintings, and their names, annoy me, even the tender voiceless boy in the cradle. Propertius: Elegies: Book II by Propertius, W a Camps (Editor) starting at $25.47. I wish that no one in Rome was wealthy, that our Leader himself would live in a thatched cottage. This is a good edition of Propertius, with a helpful translation. This attitude I have found the best: lovers, show disdain! Believe me, your horns shall appear again, and we’ll chase you, savage one, from our city: there was never friendship between Tiber and Nile. Amazon.com: Propertius: Elegies Book I (Book 1) (9780521292108): Camps, W. A.: Books. There’ll be no young seducer in those chaste fields, one whose flatteries stop you being true; no fights will begin beneath your window; your sleep won’t be troubled by being called aloud. But, that man, whatever clothes he gave you, whatever emerald, or yellow-glowing topaz, I’d like to see swift-moving hurricanes whirl them to the void: I wish they were merely earth or water to you. If anyone wants to be my enemy, let him desire girls: yet delight in boys if he wants to be my friend. The gods granted you these heavenly gifts: in case you think your mother gave them to you: such gifts beyond the human are not inborn: these graces were not a nine-month creation. These ardent, even obsessed, poems about erotic passion are among the brightest jewels in the crown of Latin literature. So if you imitate Greek and Roman women, I sentence you to be free for life! Or did you slight Pelasgian Juno’s temple, or dare to deny Athene’s eyes were fair? No woman will leave a trace in my bed: I’ll be alone, since I can’t be yours. You know that before today many girls have equally pleased me: you know, Demophoon, many troubles come my way. If you’ve seen something, always deny you’ve seen! See Antony, that general, who a moment ago, filled Actium’s waves with the vain cries of lost soldiers: infamous love commanded him to recall his ships, turn his back, and run to the furthest corner of the globe. Many as the gifts I gave, many as the songs I made: yet she, the cruel one, never said: ‘I love.’. Her joy was greater that old Tithonus was alive, than her grief was heavy at the loss of Memnon. You see a tender girl of pure white, you see a dark: either colour commands you. Now my anger’s fresh, now’s the time to go: if pain returns, believe me, love will too. Under the pine-trees of shadowed Galaesus, you sing, of Thyrsis and Daphnis, with practised flute, and how the gift of ten apples, or an un-weaned kid, can corrupt a girl. However much my coming death shames me, shameful though it be indeed, you will die it too. Book II.10:1-26 A change of style needed. Buy a cheap copy of Elegiarum book by Propertius. There's a problem loading this menu right now. If any one can take away my illness, he alone can put apples in Tantalus’s hand: he’ll fill urns from the virgin Danaids’ jars, lest their tender necks grow heavy with unloosed water; he’ll free Prometheus’s arms from Caucasian cliffs, and drive the vulture from his heart. This edition is the best, although I have it on good source that Oxford will be publishing a Propertius even better than this sometime in the next year. You’d do better to imitate Coan Philetus, and the dreams of diffident Callimachus. Did I expect or deserve this? © Copyright 2000-2020 A. S. Kline, All Rights Reserved. Cambridge University Press (November 2, 1967). All extant manuscripts of Propertius derive from a lost manuscript that is labeled by the Greek letter omega. You’ll sooner have power to dry the waves of the sea, or gather the stars in a human hand, than change things so our girls don’t want to sin: that was the custom no doubt in Saturn’s age, and when Deucalion’s waters flooded the globe: but after Deucalion’s ancient waters, who could ever keep a chaste bed, what goddess could live alone with a single god? What matter if my life’s laid down for your body? Sampling that goodbye to the muddled talk of the people: since I’ll be secure with my lady as my judge. And don’t entreat me with pleading letters: my loyalty at the last will be such as it was at the start. Since you’ve escaped, mea lux, from great danger pay Diana the gift of song and dance you owe her, and keep vigil as well for that heifer, now a goddess; and, for my sake, grant her the ten nights you vowed. The aged soldier sleeps by his grounded weapons; ancient oxen refuse to pull the plough; the rotting ship rests on empty sands; and the warrior’s ancient shield idly hangs on some temple wall. Now though you speak again of Aetolian Achelous’s water flowing weakly with vast love; and how Maeander’s deceptive flood wanders across the Phrygian plain, confusing its course; and how Arion, Adrastus’s victorious stallion, was vocal in grief at Archemorus’s funeral: yet the fate of Amphiarus’s four-horse chariot’s no use to you, nor Capaneus’s downfall, pleasing to mighty Jove. The chanting of magic, the whirling bullroarers cease, and the laurel lies scorched in the quenched fires. Lynceus, you traitor, then, how could you lay hands on my darling? It was in fact through this my glory gained such a name, glorious as far as the wintry Dneiper. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. A contemporary of Virgil and Horace, Propertius has influenced scores of poets- … Give way you Roman authors! And you sing the precepts of old Hesiod the poet, what plains crops grow well on, which hills grow vines. So Calypso was foiled by Ulysses, the Ithacan warrior: she saw her lover spread his sails. Let another girl hold and fondle me in passion’s embrace: yes, another, if she will not grant me space: or if by chance she’s made angry by my attentions to her, let her know there’s another who would be mine! Why not Cynthia then praised by Propertius’s verse, if Fame should wish to place me among them? And Endymion, they say, was naked: arousing Diana, he lay beside the naked goddess. He portrays the uneven course of his love affair with Cynthia and also … The wretched rites are back again: Cynthia’s been occupied these ten nights. What it costs us, the night that comes just once in a whole year! But if you insist from pride in lying there dressed, you’ll feel my hands ripping your clothes: what’s more if anger provokes me any further, you’ll be showing bruised arms to your mother. Why should any man trust his girl’s beauty to Amor, now? What is Whitepages people search? Juno, the wife, might even forgive you: even Juno is moved if a young girl dies. How I wish any one of the Three Sisters had ordered me to give up my breath at the first, and in my cradle. He ordered me not to despise the lesser Muses and told me to live like this in Ascra’s grove: not so that the oaks of Mount Pierus would follow my sweet words, or so I could lead wild creatures down to Ismara’s valley, but more that Cynthia might wonder at my verse. I wish her peace terms had not been made known to me so late!
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