As a birthstone for March, Jade is believed is bring forth courage and protection. Do you want your daughter to develop a generous and warm character? The name is kind of a short version of the name, Jaden. Though it's French, most Americans would pronounce it as the stone. 24 Nutritious Fruits To Eat During Pregnancy. For every parent, their son is no less than a precious diamond making this name the perfect one for your baby. Looking for some baby name inspiration? Some important gemstones are not here yet. Also the stone for the month of November, Citrine is a translucent and yellow variety of quartz. It currently ranks #392. Parents bestow this name on their children with the hopes of bestowing good fortune and luck. This is one of the jewel-gem inspired baby names, which says that this person is determined to achieve his goals of life. This July birthstone baby name broke into the top 100 U.S baby name list in the year 2013, thanks to Tobey Maguire. This precious metal baby name is making a comeback after years of non-existence, probably because of Silver Surfer, the famous superhero. It is a unique name. This is one of the most popular names as women with this name are generally have a  warm and generous character. It is a Spanish transformation of the word, Emerald, which is a precious stone. From vintage Pearl to modern Emerald, the options are a rich and vibrant bunch. Today let’s check out some gemstone names for the fellas! While still not a cheap gem, this unique California stone will turn heads for its deep blue color and bright fire. In the past two decades, names with … It’s now used less as a standalone name and more as a short form for Jaden. The name entered the popularity chart in 1945 following the release of the novel, “Forever Amber”. Move over Ruby and Pearl; Sapphire is now dominating the baby name world. The birthstone of people born in the month of January, and is a unique name for your boy. These individuals are sharp and are well-aware of their surroundings. Gemstone name list is really fun for gemstone lovers. A-Z of Crystal Names Many crystals are known by various names and it can be a little confusing when searching for a particular crystal so here is a list, an A-Z of Crystal Names, which is fairly comprehensive but not exhaustive, giving the various names … The numbers of names will differ in each alphabet. Onyx is popular black gemstone names list in gemstone chart. Read More. It is used to produce a spark of fire when struck by steel. 9 Tips To Tighten Belly Skin After Pregnancy, Without Surgery, 77 Best Sports Baby Names For Boys And Girls, 200 Most Popular Hindu God And Goddess Names For Your Baby, 50 Glorious Moorish Names For Baby Boys And Girls, Sahabiyat Names: 75 Sacred Female Sahaba Names For Baby Girls, 100+ Popular Korean Last Names Or Surnames With Meanings. Agate. Pearl, Opal, Topaz: Gemstone Names for Girls Girls have worn the names of precious gems for generations. Therefore, this name perfectly meets their expectations. Our earrings are made from 316L Surgical Stainless Steel, the highest grade used in the jewelry industry. The birthstone of those born in September, Sapphire is a wonderful name for your little girl. Jewel and Gemstone Baby Names Adelite. … It is one of the rarely heard names that means a jewel. But it’s actually another name of peridot. Latin for jewel, Gemma is a great choice for parents looking for a name that’s also associated with Catholicism. Salinger’s “For Esme, With Love and Squalor”. There is a belief that people with this name can spread good vibes all around. Shorten it to Peter for the nickname. Try looking to rocks, crystals, and gemstones. Saint Gemma was an Italian saint canonized in 1940 after a lifetime of … It is a birthstone for those born in June. You might see a lot of names that starts with A but there aren’t many in Z. And it’s even believed to strengthen relationships. If unique is what you want your daughter to be, name her Ula, a Celtic name, meaning ‘gem of the sea.’ Ula is often used as a short form of Ursula or Eulalia. Bronze. Therefore, people with this name can become good leaders. Beryl. This stylish name has been used in the English-speaking countries for several years now. 24 Gemstone Baby Names That Shine Bright 24 Ruby. Should you have any concerns about your health, or of that of your baby or child, please consult with your doctor. A name is the first gift that a parent gives to their child. Gemstone color list is also useful for self-analysis. Both Peitersite, and its alternate name Tempest Stone would make nice names for your boy. It’s not exactly a gem, but a hard substance made with skeletons of sea animals. Peridot is the gem-quality of Olivine. Iolite typically is violet blue, but may be seen as a yellowish brown stone. Diamond, the stone that Marilyn Monroe’s said “ is a girl’s best friend’ is a go-to choice not just for engagement rings but also for a jewel inspired baby name. It is a lovely name. Amber; Amethyst; Beryl; Crystal; Diamond; Emerald; Garnet; Jacinda/Jacinth; Jade; Jewel; Opal; Pearl; Ruby; Sapphire; Topaz; Turquoise It is a classy name. … The uniqueness of the name puts it in the highly recommended list. It sounds very sophisticated. Silver is a precious metal, just like your son is precious to you. This is one of the highly recommended gem names for a boy. Share your picks with us in the comment section below! This name entered the top 1000 list in the year 2010 and has risen 200 places to hit the #677 spot. Flint is a hard rock, mostly gray or black in color and with a waxy or glassy appearance. You could add it to your list of possible names for your baby. And it also happens to be the gemstone of December. Diamond: It is one of the unique gemstone names for girls. Marit is also a royal name in Norway. For every parent, their child is no less than a jewel, by naming her so one can convey their love and affection. 326 Japanese Girl Names With Meanings As with many other cultures, Japanese girl names have lovely meanings that reflect the positive traits, flowers, and beauty. The ‘fire’ sound in this name gives it a bold and bright sound. The name sounds very uncommon and is the name of a deep blue stone. This name can be shortened to... 2. It can surely be one of the highly suggested names after a jewel or gemstone. Snip it to Alexander for a name for your son. The term Apatite comes from the Greek work apate and means ‘deceit.’ Wondering how Apatite got this name? The name Jade may be popular as a girl’s name now in the United States, but in the olden times, it was used for boys. So every parent needs to research thoroughly before choosing a name. The name was first used during the Victorian era, but these days this name has been trending. Crystal. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. The birthstone for July, it made the top 100 in 2013. It can be one of the top listed in the most recent names. Even Rod Stewarts named her daughter Ruby. The uniqueness of this name makes it one of the precious gem baby names. This name was used in the earlier days but is coming back in trend. Thus, this name suits your son well. Sterling Marlin, the NASCAR driver and Sterling Sharpe, the footballer player got this name in the limelight. Thus, the name suits well for your son as it refers to a high-quality metal. Amethyst is also the name of the protagonist of the kid’s novel “The Ordinary Princess”. Then calling her Amber could be a great start. Therefore, we wish you and your child a very good life ahead. As you get ready to welcome your little child, you’re probably thinking of giving him/her a perfect name? Although Pearl is a commonly heard name, it is evergreen. Beryl is the name of the colorless crystal that attains shades like red, blue or yellow because of the impurities in it. This name can be shortened to Aggie to make a nickname. These names work well with today’s styles but maintain an exotic flair on their own. Gemstone Girls offers fun, affordable and safe earrings for children, tweens, teens, and adults. In Arabic, it means ‘a jewel’. Diamond, the stone that Marilyn Monroe’s said “ is a girl’s best friend’ is a go-to choice not just for... 2. The name derives from the Middle English word for Turkey and came to England from Turkey. … Here is an exclusive list of 50 glittering baby names inspired from gemstones: Diamond: As it is popularly said that “A diamond is always a girl’s best friend”, this name would be a lovely choice for your baby girl; Ruby: One of the all time favorite gem stone name for girls Almandine Garnet (Pyrope) Amber. Onyx, the name of the precious black gemstone would make a lovely name for your son. You can also opt for its variation Oceanus. The name sounds very classy and is quite popular in the UK and France. This is a very recent name, mainly created for stylish kids. It is inspired by the fine-grained rock. Your morals and teachings can turn him into a gem later in life. … Vzb83, Wikipedia Commons. . The moniker had its run as a cool jewel name in the 80s and is expected to be back on the popularity charts soon. The name is derived from an ancient Persian word and means ‘lord of the treasure.’. J ewel baby names and what they mean, for jewel, pearl, gemstone, birthstone, with 52 results. The only concern with this name is that it may lead to some ridicule because of its resemblance with ‘appetite’. Why not opt for some classy, unique names which your child can flaunt always. Jacinth is one of the rarely seen, reddish-orange gemstones belonging to the zircon family. This name has an old-fashioned quality that's really appealing. Ambre. This moniker will remind many of you of Goldie Hawn. Names like Olive and Sage don’t seem all that out there anymore, ushering in a new wave of options like Gem and Soleil. Mica, the diminutive of Michael is also the name of the mineral known for its ability to be separated into thin air. Bijou is a short, sweet and … Ruby, Pearl, Emerald … there are so many lovely jewel names for girls that gemstone names for boys are often overlooked. Hyacinth is not just the name of the flower. It’s because of its similarity to several minerals. Its unusual shades of … It’s also a gemstone that protects against malicious spirits, and nightmares. The pearl is the birthstone for June, and it supposedly imparts health and wealth. Ocean Jasper is a gemstone belonging to the quartz family. While becoming more popular with other gemstone names like Ruby and Pearl, Garnet is still fairly uncommon, so it would be … Michael J Fox chose this name for his daughter. But the fascinating feature of this gem is that it can serve as a compass on cloudy days. Amber. It started as a surname for someone living by a boulder or large rock. Naming children after precious gems as a protection against the malicious spirits is an ancient Japanese tradition. Coming in an intense shade of blue, lapis lazuli was used to create a vibrant shade of blue paint. This name comes from a stone known for its healing powers, and it is a very cool and classy name. Baby Keeping You Up? Parents usually hope for their children to be strong and stout. You can opt for this name for your little boy. Thus, you can consider choosing it for your child. Some people would want to choose gemstones by sounds of the names. Alexandrite, the rare, color changing gemstone belongs to the chrysoberyl mineral could also be taken as a baby name inspiration. Morganite is the orange-pink variety of beryl, a mineral including aquamarine and emerald. It is a name with vintage charm. Chrysoberyl belongs to the orthorhombic crystal system and has a Mohs hardness of 8.5. The color you get attracted on the gemstone list is the one you need. It blends perfectly with your little one’s pure soul. Iolite is a magnesium iron aluminium cyclosilicate. Remember Slater from “Saved by the Bell.”, We credit the “Twilight” character Jasper Hale for the jump in this moniker. Amethyst. Its chemical formula is BeAl 2 O 4. Opal, the name of the birthstone of the month of October is considered on par with Pearl and Ruby. Many do use this as their middle name as it increases the impact of the name. Giada, the Italian for Jade, sounds appropriate for girls more than guys. It’s a straightforward and unusual baby name with an attractive Scandinavian accent. The precious stone of the month of January has the unique ability to change the colors when exposed to sunlight, and that’s what makes it different from others. This name is sure to have your little girl sparkle. The name contains the word fire. And it’s related to the Biblical Sapphira, who offended the God for lying. We are constantly working on expanding this list. The name has a European flair to it, which makes us like it even more. Then use the name Carnelian for your daughter. This stone was used widely for making tools and starting fires in the early ages, and this name has gained a lot of popularity recently. Nicknamed the ‘Success Stone’, Citrine is believed to bring good luck and positive energies. Sapphires are stunning, but … It can turn from red to purple to shades of green and blue. It was recently chosen by Ione Skye, the famous actor and Ben Lee, the singer for their children. This purple gem is a birthstone for those who are born in February. The popularity of the singer Jewel spurred the popularity of this name. Ruby is the most popular jewel or gemstone baby name for girls. The name can be modified as Morgan or can be used as an uplifted version. For every parent, their daughter is very precious, thus, naming her after a gemstone is a perfect idea. Thus, giving your daughter this name makes her unique. It is also the word for “heaven” in Persian. Emerald : As a girl’s name the … You also acknowledge that owing to the limited nature of communication possible on interactive elements on the site, any assistance, or response you receive is provided by the author alone. This jewel inspired name sounds much more exotic and unusual than it original name Peal. ... Alabaster. We all know Hyacinth is a flower, but it is the name of a powerful gemstone too. In French, it means ‘jewel’. Diamanda is another rare name of English origin. It’s a dark red stone but is slightly less precious than rubies. Carnelian can even be used as a middle name. Jewel is not exactly a gemstone per se, but a noun used a name. After being a staple in Italy, Gemma, inspired by gem, has now become popular in France and the United Kingdom too. The name for this family of gemstones that includes aquamarine and emerald, is traced back to Prakrit, a Middle Indo-Aryan language in use from about 600 BCE to 1000 CE. Coral. This moniker oozes charm and confidence like no other thing. This name would appeal to parents looking for a truly unique and exotic baby name. Baby girl names. PARAIBA TOURMALINEParaiba Tourmaline gemstones have actually become one of the most valuable and precious gems on the planet, even though it was only found in the 1980's. This contemporary name is picked up directly from the term and has been in use since 1995. When red attracts you, it means you need more activeness and vitality, and when blue … It is one of the trendy Indian names after gems and jewels. Agatha could make a possible spelling variation of this name. Soraya is more popular for its association with the Pleiades, a constellation known as the Seven Sisters, but it also means ‘jewel’ in the Arabic language. Gem Names For Girls That Truly Shine: 1. French: Amber. Quartz, the mineral name, may sound slightly quirky to use Quartz as a name, especially as the first name. Flint would make an excellent choice for parents looking for a tough-guy name for their children. Do you want a fascinating substitute for Caroline? The name comes from the land of India, and it means ‘one who is as precious as gold’. Ruri. The name Jett is inspired by the velvety black coal that is used for making jewelry. Besides, it’s also the name of a species of hummingbird and a Hitchcock film. The non-gemstone … We understand that choosing a name is a tedious job, and thus, we hope our assistance might have been fruitful for you. This name is popular all over the world, but it is as evergreen and royal as always. It shapes the kid’s first identity, which they carry throughout their life. Peridot, the birthstone for August is potential baby boy name as well. In 2010 only 62 girls received this gem name, and eight years later it's more than doubled in use. This Spanish variation of the name Emerald came into the forefront after appearing in Disney’s movie “Hunchback of Notre Dame”. The name comes from Turkey and is a rare stone. Popular Names of Black Gemstones With Meanings Black Onyx. Cinnabar. 50 Gemstone Inspired Baby Names. Bijou: In the nascent stages of the 21st century, parents believed that naming their child after gemstones would bring prosperity and luck to their children. Let us ponder upon some amazing names for your little angel. Ruri is the Japanese for ‘lapis lazuli’. It has the power to keep away all the negativity and thus, a girl with this name is a lucky charm for all. This name even comes after a type of hummingbird. It is also fun to find rare names. This deep green birthstone is believed to open one’s heart to love and wisdom.
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