Medical licensing and malpractice need to be explored before starting a telepsychiatry practice. Most malpractice insurance policies will cover you for telepsychiatry, but you should check with your agent to be sure. By practicing with Amwell Medical Group providers can experience cost savings and directly pocket profit made from telepsychiatry … 2. Episode 58: Lorenzo Norris, MD, welcomes James "Jay" Shore, MD, to talk about telepsychiatry and Dr. RK says to never give up. Check with your malpractice insurance carrier to ensure your policy covers providing care via telehealth. Medical Professional Liability Insurance. Some companies offer coverage that includes the practice of telepsychiatry, whereas some carriers require the purchase of additional coverage for telepsychiatry on top of existing insurance. As the telepsychiatry branch of Genoa Healthcare, Genoa Healthcare Telepsychiatry increases access to behavioral healthcare by building telepsychiatry programs that connect compassionate & skilled psychiatrists & APRNs with patients in underserved communities across the U.S. Genoa Healthcare Telepsychiatry … For Healthcare workers, this is commonly referred to as, medical malpractice insurance … Search for: Risk Management Course