Mandy Moore and Shane West Nominated Home media. West was cast as Landon Carter opposite singer and actress Mandy Moore in 2002's adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' novel A Walk to Remember. Free shipping for many products! “Love ya.” Moore’s response was equally lovely. A post shared by Mandy Moore (@mandymooremm) on Mar 25, 2019 at 12:55pm PDT Shane also posted his congratulations on Instagram, along with the photo of that he gave to Mandy … Shane West and Mandy Moore | J. Vespa/WireImage The pair starred as young lovers in the coming-of-age film A Walk To Remember may have debuted 18 years ago, but it … "I was trying to get you to listen to The Clash and the Ramones. Shane West Gushes Over Mandy Moore at Her Walk of Fame Ceremony He also honored Moore last year when she received a star on the Hollywood Walk of … Mandy Moore. By Jenna Amatulli. Mandy Moore Got A Hollywood Star, But We Got 'A Walk To Remember' Reunion. This movie requires a few tissues. Mandy Moore And Shane West Had A 'Walk To Remember' Reunion. Mandy Moore & Shane West - Only Hope Lyrics. More from Entertainment Tonight: Nicholas Sparks' book-turned-movie starring Mandy Moore and Shane West turns 15 today! And because of their evident connection on-screen, many have wondered if these two actors had ever considered being more than just friends in real life? Mandy Moore says she has a lot of "appreciation, fondness and respect for my young self" as she’s given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 'A Walk To Remember' Turns 15: Watch Mandy Moore and Shane West Get Candid About Kissing On-Screen! A Walk To Remember may have debuted 18 years ago, but it is still an iconic film that will probably live on for the rest of time. The 2002 romance follows the story of Landon Carter, a rebellious teenager who agrees to partake in several service projects to avoid expulsion after getting caught drinking on school grounds. Album: A Walk to Remember (Special Expanded Edition) Heyo! New DVDs and Blu-rays will have unused digital content if applicable to the product. In addition to tutoring younger kids and janitorial duties, Landon also participates in the school play — which he’s reluctant to do — where he meets Jamie Sullivan, the minister’s daughter. A Walk to Remember was released by Warner Home Video on DVD on July 9, 2002. “I think we both did,” he said. Mandy Moore, like all of us, definitely had a crush on Shane West. “Shane was so cool,” she told the outlet. "Shane was so cool. Shannon Bruce Westgarth Snaith (born June 10, 1978 [citation needed]), better known as Shane West, is an American actor, singer, and ... West was cast as Landon Carter opposite singer and actress Mandy Moore in 2002's adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' novel A Walk to Remember. The former costars made us fall in … “Welp,” her caption reads, “These 2 gentlemen are still some of the best around. Let's take a look. But one of the greatest things about this coming-of-age story was seeing the chemistry between Moore and West. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane With Mandy Moore and Shane West (Exclusive) "What can I say but I'm glad he did," said West, calling Moore's energy "irresistible.". And on Monday, they took another kind of "walk" together — … Shane West talks about working with Mandy Moore on their movie "A Walk to Remember"and about the relationship they had on and off-set. Shane West Just Revealed If He’d Guest Star On ‘This Is Us’ To Reunite With Mandy Moore . During a 2019 appearance on Access, the actor admitted that though he didn’t sense a spark between himself and Moore at first, that changed once they got more into filming. On Monday, Mandy Moore got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and the occasion gifted us with a perfect throwback moment with her "A Walk to Remember" co-star Shane West. It sounds like Moore and West were more infatuated with each other than in love, which explains why they had such a strong connection while shooting the film. The DVD contains two commentaries (one featuring Shane West, Mandy Moore, and director Adam Shankman; the second featuring screenwriter Karen Janszen and author Nicholas Sparks), the music video for Moore's single "Cry", and the film's theatrical trailer. January 25, 2017 by Maggie Panos. But instead, the two remained friends, even though they both had “a thing” for each other while filming the movie. A Walk To Remember is a Heart-Breakingly beautiful love story, one that not only Teens can enjoy. And I feel really lucky.". ... A young Mandy Moore added in a 2002 interview, "You have to … Love is real. Mandy Moore and Shane West's bond is still as sweet as when they costarred in A Walk to Remember 17 years ago. … The former costars made … In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Moore talked about how much she liked working with her co-star, and it definitely sounds like she had a bit of a crush on him. Mandy Moore may or may not have been actually in love with Shane West. Mandy Moore's on-screen loved ones were there to celebrate her latest milestone. What did Mandy Moore think when working with Shane West? The novel's 1950s setting was changed to the 1990s … While it sounded like Moore’s feelings were one-sided, it turns out that the real-life attraction was there for West as well. SONGLYRICS just got interactive. “I can’t help but think of my poor, sweet co-star, Shane, explaining the basics of filmmaking to me like how to hit my mark and when and how to deliver my lines,” she said. The writing helped, the direction help, and also the fact that she’s one of the sweetest people ever.”. “We were definitely opposites attract, and I think at first, I’m not sure if we loved each other or liked each other right off the bat, but it quickly changed. 2020 Showbiz Cheat Sheet, All Rights Reserved. It's been 15 years since A Walk To Remember was released, and on the back of its anniversary, the film's stars, Mandy Moore and Shane West reunited to reminisce about their experiences on set. Is Shane West in love with Mandy Moore, yes or no? Now Mandy Moore and Shane West, the stars of A Walk To Remember, have reunited with director Adam Shankman for dinner to celebrate the movie's 15th anniversary.