For example, cervical cancer patients were treated with a combination of radiation therapy and local hyperthermia, which significantly increased their survival rate according to a study by J. van der Zee. Therefore, the authors suggest that the combination of hyperthermia and CFRT only be used for locally advanced cancer that has already become hormone-resistant prior to the hyperthermia treatment. In this form of hyperthermia tiny particles of iron are used, so-called nanoparticles. What does the heat do in itself? The Hyperthermia Centre in Hannover (Germany) treats cancer, chronic diseases and general illnesses holistically. This can only be changed by a “favorable” rating of the therapy by the Federal Joint Committee of Insurance Companies and Physicians (GBA). A 2005 ruling by the Federal Constitutional Court may favor the cost coverage of complementary treatments such as local hyperthermia. How If possible, cost coverage requests should be submitted prior to starting your hyperthermia treatment. How Heat Can Kill Cancer. What you should know: The benefits and side effects of whole-body hyperthermia are much more open than local or regional procedures. After all, for a few other types of cancer there are first estimates of benefits by experts, for example in guidelines for doctors. Maxillary sinus polyp from €4,500 If hyperthermia is administered as part of your in-patient hospital treatment, the cost is included in the in-patient therapy and will be covered by statutory health insurance for the duration of your hospital stay. Another example: Overheated bladder irrigation is also discussed by experts. South Korea, +82-70-5208 7622 To reduce the period of processing the application for treatment you can attach an extract from the medical history, information about previously conducted treatment, x-rays, ultrasound. Rather than a modification of chemotherapy because hyperthermia in the true sense, two other methods. medical travel to Germany, Treatment in : +49 511 66 30 28 √ Email: info@hyperthermia … I want to help you save time, energy, and hours … 16 - 18, D-63667 Nidda / Bad Salzhausen (Germany) Telephone +49 (0)6043 / 983 - 0 Telefax +49 (0)6043 / 983 - 194 E-mail Address A couple of months ago, I discussed patient deaths at an alternative medicine clinic in Europe, where a naturopath named Klaus Ross had been administering an experimental cancer drug (3-bromopyruvate, or 3-BP) to patients outside the auspices of a clinical trial. Also possible are temporary and sometimes prolonged pain in the overheated region. In long-lasting and / or repeated Hyperthermiebehandlung form cells in temperature ranges of about 41 to 43 degrees Celsius so-called heat shock proteins (HSP), also called Stresseiweiße. That ... A clear review of the most different forms of hyperthermia and areas of application The ... Celsius42 GmbH The tissue is then heated and destroyed by long wavelength laser light. Local hyperthermia. Transurethral Hyperthermia kills the cancer cells in prostate with heat not Ultrasound, and CAB fro 6 months kills any circulating cells . As a patient, one lies on a couch in a kind of ring, which carries the actual radiators. It is also possible to rinse the inside of the body with a heated liquid. Formats: .jpg, .doc, .pdf, .zip, .rar. Just give us a call or send us an email. Not only the actual tumor, but larger body regions are heated. Hyperthermia is usually used today in addition to radiation and chemotherapy. If hyperthermia treatment is used with chemotherapy and / or radiation, patients should also be aware of the side effects of these treatments. As a rule, patients note a local … This is more of a kind of "cooking" and not hyperthermia. Gorgeous Beauty Equipment … Due to the "heat stress", tumor cells are to become more sensitive: to natural processes of decomposition, but above all more sensitive to concomitant radiotherapy or chemotherapy. The underlying biological relationships are complex, but so far only partially elucidated. In that case, the treatment would be added to your health insurance provider's service catalog and the cost would be covered. Hyperthermia is also a burden for the heart and circulation. Surface hyperthermia is here combined with radiotherapy. After spending around £200,000 on treatments at two private clinics Maggie died aged 46 in February … An example of the application - but so far without a fixed status - is a local relapse in patients with breast cancer, especially with so-called chest wall relapses. Experts also distinguish between whole-body hyperthermia and only local or regional hyperthermia: Local or regional means that the application of heat remains limited to the diseased organ or diseased body. Perfusion, like many of these hyperthermia procedures, is not standard. Transurethral Prostate Hyperthermia in Frankfurt, GermanyDo you suffer from prostate cancer or benign prostatic hyperplasia? Lyme and Cancer Services was founded to help support people with tick-borne infections and cancer, and to educate the community about hyperthermia as a successful treatment option. Although much research has been done, hyperthermia is not yet a standard procedure that could be used for every patient and for all types of cancer. The modern technical equipment in the hyperthermia centers known to us can cause overheating both locally and throughout the body. That cost is a small fraction of the cost … Cost coverage for hyperthermia treatments by health insurance providers #1: Statutory health insurance providers – Distinction of in-patient and out-patient treatment. Modern hyperthermia units consist of a so-called ring applicator, which generates electromagnetic waves. "Antennas" or probes are placed in the tumor or on its surface, allowing for heating directly inside the tumor. Retinoblastoma treatment from €15,000, Hair Transplant from €4,000 The overheating of the tumor cells leads to a lack of oxygen and this creates an overacidification in the heated cells and a lack of nutrients in the tumor. Content Continues Below Every year, hundreds of people from around the world travel to a clinic in Germany in hopes the hyperthermia treatment can cure them of their Lyme. - Lyme and Integrative Cell Treatments are over a 10-day period -Cancer … For over a hundred years, doctors have been trying to treat cancer patients by overheating tumor tissue. Previously, doctors experimented with cancer therapy with artificially produced fever. But many people coming to St Georg are having hyperthermia as a stand-alone treatment. Hyperthermia (therapeutic hyperthermia) is the medical, targeted application of heat to tumor tissue. Hyperthermia is a targeted application of heat. Hyperthermia, also called thermal therapy or thermotherapy, is a type of treatment during which body tissue is exposed to high temperatures of up to 113ºF. The necessary even higher temperatures would also damage healthy tissue and even endanger those affected. The deadly false hope of German alternative cancer clinics. 3-BP is a drug that targets the Warburg effect, a characteristic of cancer … 2020 Healthy Physiotherapy prevention Cell heating thermotherapy equipment cancer treatment hyperthermia. Again, a standard procedure, these applications are not yet, even if the data for the benefit, especially for soft tissue sarcomas is comparatively good. We can exploit this fact to selectively kill malignant cells without, or at least with limited damage to, healthy cells and realize the true potential of hyperthermia … As with the HITT, temperatures are in an area that directly destroys tissue. Send email, Instagram The most important example is a hyperthermic perfusion, which is used when the peritoneum is attacked by tumor cells. Contact to Hyperthermia Filderstadt. Above all, whole-body hyperthermia is therefore often excluded for patients with pre-existing conditions. In the case of soft tissue sarcomas on the extremities, the entire affected leg or arm is treated. Estimate Treatment Costs Dentistry. What happens instead? Replacing the lens from €3,500 As of now, there is no general cost coverage mandate, although studies have already proven for multiple tumor types that chemotherapy and radiation are more successful when they are combined with hyperthermia. Hyperthermia treatment – Germany cost coverage by statutory health insurance providers or cost reimbursement by private health insurers for complementary cancer therapy ... hyperthermia is now considered part of standard therapy as a complementary measure for the treatment of cervical cancer … You should be able to present a personal treatment plan that shows the anticipated therapeutic scope and costs. With hyperthermia treatment, the tumor tissue is also heated from the outside. Oman. Hyperthermia (also called thermal therapy or thermotherapy) is a type of cancer treatment in which body tissue is exposed to high temperatures (up to 113°F). The aim: This approach is being studied to treat cancers that have already spread throughout the body and metastasized. Therefore it should only be used under study conditions. For most patients, however, there are still many questions about hyperthermia open - including possible side effects and strains. Complex face and neck lift from €8,000 Dr. Michael Hülser is a specialist in general medicine, anaesthesiology and psychotherapy, born in 1960, studied medicine at the University of Göttingen from 1983 to 1988. In addition to the disciplines of classical medicine, he also deals with anthroposophic medicine, complementary cancer therapy and natural healing. In the tumor, the electrode generates temperatures between 56 and 100 degrees Celsius, where tissue is directly damaged. This can happen: Unwanted temperature increases in healthy tissue are still one of the most important problems, even if patients usually only have to reckon with redness or swelling of the skin in the treated region of the body, depending on the application. Not the goal of most hyperthermia procedures: to kill cancer cells directly by heat. The metabolism of the cell is destroyed, which leads to cell death (apoptosis) of the tumor cell. This procedure is also part of regional hyperthermia. And: The term hyperthermia includes a whole series of very different procedures - ranging from clinical trials at large cancer centers to more or less reputable applications in the context of "alternative medicine". In regional hyperthermia, physicians and medical physicists today mostly work with electromagnetic waves. Gunpo-city, Gyunggi-do, This approach is usually associated with surgery, which also requires anesthesia. Most surgeries, medicines and diagnostic laboratory tests in Germany cost 2-4 times cheaper compared with the United States. Hyperthermia is usually a burden on the cardiovascular system as well. These proteins are signals for the body's own killer cells of the immune system to break down "damaged" cells. Teeth whitening from €150, Knee arthroscopy from €7,400 It may increase the efficacy of chemotherapy or radiation therapy for cancer. 11A The HIFU bundles ultrasonic waves and uses them to heat tumor tissue. Breast augmentation from €6,000 The price … 4-5 weeks f treatment including Hyperthermia + Immunotherapy is approximately 30,000 Euros. For this, the entire body is heated to 42 degrees Celsius for 60 minutes. It works in a similar way to local hyperthermia, but regional hyperthermia can also reach deeper tumors (for example, in rectal cancer). Your Most experience is in patients with liver metastases or liver cancer. The affected area is "irradiated" from the outside with ultrasound, radio or microwaves. A number of studies have already shown that local hyperthermia, in combination with conventional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy, can achieve a higher success rate. There are a total of three different procedures: The hyperthermia is performed by specially trained physicians (radiotherapist / radio oncologist) in specialized centers. It is helpful to have a certificate by your treating physician to document that conventional treatment options are limited, that incompatibilities have to be expected, or that no further treatment is available. In the course of his work, he has specialized in the fields of hyperthermia and complementary cancer therapy. " The future significance of this approach can not be estimated at present - so far mainly preclinical, highly experimental tests are available. Metabolically Supported Chemotherapy (MSCT) is the cornerstone of our approach to cancer, combined with a modified diet, hyperthermia, hyperbaric oxygen and high dose infusions of … How can one evaluate whether hyperthermia makes sense for a patient? If this is not possible, the patient will receive local anesthesia or light anesthesia before placing the probes. However, the effects of fever on the immune system continue to be researched. The doctor also uses special probes for this purpose. Comparatively well documented are effects and possible side effects so far especially for the combination of overheating and chemotherapy. Fever as therapy support He who has a fever does not get cancer". In order to guide the electromagnetic waves, one is also embedded in a kind of water cushion. It can be used alone, but today it is usually combined with other therapies, such as chemotherapy or radiation. Corneal transplantation from €10,000 It's free! The majority of available hyperthermia studies were conducted in the context of curative intent. After working in several clinics, he settled in 2000 in Filderstadt. 2) Hyperthermia is almost always used with other forms of cancer … is about €5.500 - 6.000 ($6.100 - 6.600) per week. Health insurance cost coverage for hyperthermia treatment – Summary: Multiple studies have produced promising results, and experts are hoping for general costs coverage. Today in cancer medicine, hyperthermia is all about targeted overheating of the body or of individual parts of the body from the outside. Depending on the method used, an artificial temperature increase to values ​​between 40 and about 43 degrees Celsius is tested, rarely more. Flat rate information is therefore difficult or impossible. Several court rulings of the past years have obligated statutory health insurance providers to cover such costs in individual cases. St. George Cancer Clinic. The different methods of hyperthermia represent a particularly effective component of holistic cancer therapy and form a focus of the successful treatment of various types of cancer in our day clinic. in Austria. The technical term for this is hyperthermia. Artificial meniscus from €5,500 Today, overheating with electromagnetic waves or infrared is also an option. In tumors of the rectum (rectal carcinoma), the pelvic area and lower abdomen are in the hyperthermia field. HIPEC is also a form of therapy that, according to experts, should only be used in studies. He explains to you about the risks and side effects of hyperthermia, discusses your medical history and examines you in detail. True burns are rare, if not excluded, with good control. Local hyperthermia can be used on superficial, tight-subjacent tumors or superficial metastases. On the other hand, experts call for patients to be monitored well during treatment - to control temperature in the target tissue, to quickly cool affected tissues as needed, or to provide rapid relief from pain with appropriate medications. Gunpo IT-Valley, S-B102, 17, Gosan-ro 148 Beon-gil, An electromagnetic field can be used to control the heating of these particles. In individual cases, previously ineffective chemotherapy or radiation therapies in combination with hyperthermia could be made effective. The entire body is heated. The forerunner to hyperthermia is fever therapy. Before traveling to Germany for thermotherapy, you may choose either inpatient or outpatient program. This is also to lower tumors and metastases are achieved. ... Canada, Russia, Middle East and Australia find cancer treatment in Germany very attractive. For privately insured patients, the cost of local hyperthermia is covered in conjunction with chemotherapy in accordance with the Fee Schedule for Physicians (GOÄ), section 5854. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 1) Hyperthermia is a type of cancer treatment in which body tissue is exposed to high temperatures (up to 113°F) to damage and kill cancer cells. Hyperthermia Treatment. Among physicians providing complementary treatment, there is much hope that methods such as hyperthermia will receive greater recognition in the near future and that insurance providers will be obligated to cover the associated cost as a general rule. Amount: . Research has shown that high temperatures can damage and kill cancer … Hyperthermia has become an integral part of comprehensive cancer therapy for clinics and institutions globally (Germany, United States, China, Denmark, Spain, Japan, South Korea etc.) Rhinoplasty from €5,500 These particles, depending on their chemical "packaging", can accumulate particularly well in tumor tissue. The heat creates the so-called heat shock proteins in the tumors, which make the tumor cells visible to the immune system. Finding and understanding the process of receiving alternative cancer treatment at the various clinics in Germany can be really overwhelming. It breaks through reaction … Local hyperthermia uses special needle-shaped probes to heat tissue at a specific location with electromagnetic waves. We partner with you and your doctor to enhance your cancer care, and improve your health and the outcome of your treatments. As in the case of patients with statutory health insurance, we recommend that privately insured patients request cost coverage prior to the start of treatment. By means of suitable control they produce controllable heating - within limits. This form of hyperthermia is used in most patients in combination with brachytherapy, ie radiation also "from the inside". Hyperthermia is a targeted application of heat. And: Which method of overheating is suitable in the specific case? The cost of one weeks treatment in a German hospital is $9000. Both procedures, HITT and LITT, are only suitable for a few tumor types and are not a real alternative to surgery. Staging 1 crown from €920 Complementary cancer therapies such as hyperthermia unfortunately are not always covered by health insurance. We at SBM have written about German cancer clinics that offer a combination of cancer quackery, some real medicine, plus unproven experimental therapies, all at a high cost… In Cancer is Curable Now Dr Friedrich Douwes, the head of St Georg, talks about his success in treating cancer patients with metastases ‘in the bones, lungs and liver,’– in those cases he reportedly uses small amounts of chemotherapy too. For example: Clinical studies have so far been performed predominantly in patients with brain tumors. Tumor cells are invisible to the immune system, but they can change under the influence of heat. Cost coverage for hyperthermia treatments by health insurance providers #2: Tips for cost coverage requests to statutory health insurance providers. During full-body hyperthermia treatment… Our treatment. How do experts assess the benefits in my very own illness situation, for example in technical guidelines? For example, high-frequency-induced thermotherapy (HITT) and laser-induced thermotherapy (LITT) use extreme. Send email, Celsius42 Korea LTD Again, it should be used only under study conditions, so the recommendation of the professional societies - a proven standard therapy is not hyperthermia. An example is rinsing the abdominal cavity or bladder with heated chemo-solutions. Hermann-Hollerith-Str. The procedure is similar to an irradiation, but it takes longer: You lie on a couch under the hyperthermia device during the application. The solution you’re interested in is waiting for you in Germany!Located in Frankfurt, Germany… Only then does the immune system recognize that these cells need to be fought.