To explain, I’ll slowly build up to the father, but I want to show discuss the similarities between the Descendants franchise and another Disney cinematic form of entertainment: Yes, I’m talking about Once Upon A Time. He even is blond, like Mal in the second movie. She has gray eyes and is of medium height. There are many details that point to Hades being a candidate for Mal’s father. There villains live happily with there love ones. This is a popular one, I have personally come to believe. In the teaser, we see Mal walking through a dark forest and finding a … Though she is compassionate, she is also vengeful and doesn't forgive others easily. Malificent Sr. is married to Diaval also known as Diablo also known as mal’s dad. And if you’re not to explode with the answer, both the Descendants franchise and the product take the idea of taking Classic Disney characters and putting them into the modern world. Both the product and the Descendants franchise have a plot that revolves around changing the audience’s view of heros and villains. Though the network’s announcement didn’t confirm that Hades is the father of Mal (played by Dove Cameron), the pieces begin to fit together when you … So, don’t count Hans of your list quite yet. Hadie is first mentioned in the Return to the Isle of the Lost. With already about 1.7 million views, more and more fans have been investigating who this father is. So, when the Darkness is caught in Auradon, the real Darkness replicates itself so it can leave the realm and continue its search for the Dark One. These are the Disney Villains who have Villain Kids. I’ve decided to revise my theory on who Mal’s father is. ICYMI, Descendants is returning to Disney Channel.You didn ' t think the sequel was the end of the story, did you?. The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Release Date and Predictions 2020-2021, (Trending) Fourth Generation Kpop Groups 2020, Updated* October Kpop Comebacks/Debuts 2020, BTS New Album “BE” Release on November 2020, TOP 13 Fun Things To Do This Halloween While Staying at Home 2020. Only one thing bugs me (well me and the entire fandom). 4) He's week/pathetic. But I will, however, summarize the points that others have put out on this theory. As the Lord of the Underworld, and the Mistress of Evil, the two would probably see each other as equals. Yup! If you ' re anything like us, you ' ve been freaking out since Descendants 3 was announced earlier this year. And who happens to be the Dark One? 1. Also, in the book, she witnesses (while unconscious after trying to retrieve the Dragon Eye) her mother's (Maleficent), wrath on the baby, Aurora. Also another question arises as where this movie will take place? From the new cast additions to the secretive plot, this DCOM is all sorts of promising. ( Log Out /  But nonetheless, I must also present evidence on why it could be an unlikely option: Given I haven’t seen the animated film Fantasia quite yet, I don’t feel if I’m the one to present the evidence on why Chernabog is a candidate for Mal’s father. ( Log Out /  Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Write in the comments who you believed was Mal’s true Dad. 5) He is whatever you mean with "little". And that’s all for now. She is depicted as being quite mischievous, as it is shown i… Descendants theory: Who is Uma's father? However, the stronger details lie in the evidence of a possible romance between Maleficent (Mal’s mother, now turned into a gecko) and Hades. They all live in Auradon. In reality, given that Maleficent was betrayed by Mal’s father, Maleficent would do the same thing she did to Evie and the Evil Queen when they didn’t invite Mal to the birthday party. Suddenly Ben creep up behind her, and he scared her," Good morning Mal," he says. Then it hit me, the one person officially lined as a villain who fit it perfectly: the King of Hearts. "Descendants 3" will arrive in 2019. I know it's been a while, but here I am: back with more Descendants theories. The third installment in the franchise will begin shooting in summer in Vancouver and will see the return of Cameron Boyce as Carlos, Sofia Carson as Evie, Booboo Stewart as Jay, Mitchell Hope as King Ben and China Anne McClain as Uma. Your email address will not be published. In Descendants, as the daughter of Maleficent, she wants to be like her mother: pure evil. But my idea is that Descendants 3 will either go more into depth of the Sleeping Beauty movie. Copyright © 2020 Mad Meaning - WordPress Theme : By, Descendants 3 Mal’s Dad Revealed and Theories. Ever since the trailer has came out in February 16, 2018 all Disney descendants fans have come together to figure out who Mal’s dad is. The blue colour, the ancient, greek pillar, the fire the way, he is able to communicate with Mal despite no magic on The Isle! So what did you think about it, did you agree Mal’s dad could have been anyone of them. That’s right, I’m saying Mal could be the daughter of the one and only Rumplestiltskin. Though, when on the Isle of the Lost, Maleficent’s “moment of weakness” was when Hades manipulated her. Plus, that would explain why August wasn’t able to control Gold with the Dagger: there needs to be magic in the land the vessel (the Dark One) is transported to, otherwise, the two are separated, but still bound to each other. Since Hades is a Greek god, wouldn't Mal be a demigod? We can ' t wait for the third installment of this franchise to hit Disney Channel. ( Log Out /  Hadie is the son of Hades. He was introduced in Return to the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel. If you read my original theory, it talked about the plot holes which could lead to Hans being Mal’s father. Maybe some hercules characters will be casted for this movie, Diablo the crow? So, now that we’ve cleared the ground on the fact that this theory has something to do with Once Upon A Time, let’s dig deeper: If you’re a fan of Once Upon A Time and have watched Season 3, you know how powerful shadows can be: they are able to cross all realms; they can carry a child, and a grown man through realms; they can murder someone just by tearing the shadow out of the body of its victim. Maybe back to the hometown of the villains, in the Isle of the Lost to encounter Mal’s father, Or maybe a new setting of Sleeping Beauty’s palace or Mount Olympus. Like the Descendants franchise, this Disney product also revolves around changing the meaning of  “happily ever after”. Auradon and the Realms of Story - Descendants/Once Upon A Time Theory, Descendants 3 - Who's Mal's Father (Reimagined). his name was Stephen there was no king david, I’m thinking Hades, her hair has blue streaks in the trailers. In the prequel book, \"The Isle of the Lost\", Mal dreams of being on the stone floor of an ancient temple ruin near a lake with a handsome prince; this is where and with whom she goes on a date in Auradon. He, along with several other children on the Isle decide to reform their villainous status and form The Anti-Heroes Club. Ever since the trailer has came out in February 16, 2018 all Disney descendants fans have come together to figure out who Mal’s dad is. Well Mal’s mom is maleficent so maleficent was romantically involved with king Stephen from the movie “Maleficent” in 2014, I mean technically they were together so it wouldn’t seem weird if they ended being the parents of Mal in descendants 3, Also to be honest King Stephen was technically a villain so it’s okay for maleficent and him to be the parents of Mal, Lots of consumptions were going around that the glowy thing could be a blue flame representing hades. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. As we already saw in Descendants 2, Mal is capable of turning herself into dragon, just like her mother. Mal is described as a pretty girl with dark purple hair with highlights of lighter shades of purple, that is curly, and reaches a little bit over her shoulders. So, the true question is, does Darkness work the same way? Disney Descendants 3 Mals Dad Who Is Mal S Dad Are Mal And Harry Related Descendants 3 Theory Mal And Her Dad Hades Disney Descendants 3 Descendants Cast Disney Released A Brand New Descendants 3 Teaser Teen Vogue Some Tea Has Spilled About Mal S Father In The Upcoming Descendants Descendants 3 Is Officially Happening On Disney Channel Tigerbeat Descendants 3 Fanmade Mal S … With already about 1.7 million views, more and more fans have been investigating who this father is. But I have come up with some ideas who Mal’s father may be starting with King Stephen. Auradon and the Realms of Story – Descendants/Once Upon A Time Theory. We can all agree that Descendants (and it sequel) is an amazing movie. But, there’s more to that flame then just that. Its not a lot, but enough to determine who the father might be! By: HotXbun. This is a book that will have different adventures. They all live on the Isle of the Lost with the exception of Maleficent. Descendants 3 - Audrey's turn to the Dark Side? Descendants 3 – Audrey’s turn to the Dark Side? Related Content. I believe that Mal’s father isn’t trapped inside the flame. 3) He's human. Mal is a sneaky, smart, and ruthless girl who is a natural born leader and skilled at artistic things, especially spray paint. The First Look at Descendants 3 Reminds Us That It's Good to Be Bad Your favorite Villain Kids are back; The First Descendants 3 Teaser Is Here and It's Straight-Up Villainous Fun Follow/Fav Descendants 3. Actor Cheyenne Jackson plays Hades, the former ruler of the underworld, and Mal’s dad, in Descendants 3. Mal opens her locker mumbling to herself. A curse stuck inside a sorcerers’ stone, staff? I think Mal’s father is King David if you saw Maleficent the movie King David is mortal and maleficent did have a thing with him in their youth in the movie. In the novel, Return to the Isle of the Lost, it’s shown that Hades has a son, Hadie, who is younger than Mal. But I have come up with some ideas who Mal’s father may be starting with King Stephen. At Ben's coronation, she wears a lavender dress tha… Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Lyrics from Disney's Descendants 3 Performed by Dove Cameron as Mal and Cheyenne Jackson as Hades [Hades:] Listen, little girl You're talkin' to a God And I don't wanna hear the drama Kindness ain't my brand [Mal:] Oh, I guess that's why you ran [Hades:] Try bein' married to your mama [Mal:] You stink at bein' a dad [Hades:] Poor Mali, are you sad? Disney Channel has confirmed that Descendants 3 will arrive in 2019, answering one of the biggest lingering questions. He cheers when Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay arrive at the Anti-Heroes Club meeting. She mostly wears purple and shades of green during the movie. ( Log Out /  Evil we be around all of them but it will go away one day. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. 'Descendants' Fans Have Really Good Theories Of Who Could Be Mal's Dad in 'Descendants 3' Since the announcement and debut of the first trailer for Descendants 3 … Except for many Auradon Kids, or AK's (children of heroes and villains) every child has only one parent (the famous one). In fact, in this theory, I believe that Mal’s father doesn’t even know that Mal and Maleficent exist … in a way. If the Descendants 3 film/upcoming fourth novel from Melissa de la Cruz are consistent with the characters in all media forms, the only possibility of this could work out is if Maleficent is Hadie’s mother, too, because I find it unlikely that Maleficent would allow the father of Mal to roam the Isle freely and settle down and have a child with another woman. And how does the Darkness find its vessel? Wondering just what you can expect from Descendants 3? Descendants 3 Fanfic Chapter 1: Mal's Father, a descendants, 2015 fanfic | FanFiction The next day after the cotillion, Mal woke up, and she walks to her locker half-asleep. No other than the Lord of The Underworld: Hades the antagonist from Hercules! Descendants 3 Fanfiction. Who knows what she’s capable of, for all we know, Mal could have a new fancy outfit where she looks more elegant than her own mother. It searches through every magical realm. I believe that Mal’s father was so dangerous, King Beast couldn’t keep him on the Isle and imprisoned Mal’s father in a flame. Your email address will not be published. During the premiere of Zombies, we were shown a tantalizing trailer for Descendants 3.. Descendants 3 is an American musical fantasy television film, which is the third installment in the Descendants series, following Descendants and Descendants 2.It is written by Sara Parriott and Josann McGibbon, and is directed by Kenny Ortega.The film premiered on Disney Channel on August 2, 2019, and in other parts of the world on October 12, 2019. She has a knack for casting spells, but only if needed. Disney Descendants: Mal and Ben gets a daughter, who has magic powers! Rated: Fiction K - English - Fantasy/Drama - Mal - Chapters: 15 - Words: 11,300 - Reviews: 48 - Favs: 35 - Follows: 27 - Updated: 4/18/2019 - Published: 9/3/2018 - Status: Complete - id: 13054862 + - Full 3/4 1/2 Expand Tighten < Prev. Well, I think that the Darkness, when the Dark One is under the First Dark Curse, has the ability to roam free and wreak havoc. Finally I got a weblog from where I be capable of really obtain helpful facts regarding my study and knowledge. And how is that possible? Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. First of all, through my reflection, I’ve come to believe that Mal’s father might be trapped inside the blue flame and that the blue flame is a vessel created to keep Mal’s father inside for not only the safety of Auradon but also for the Isle of the Lost. Descendants 3 – Who’s Mal’s Father (Reimagined) April 29, 2018 shakespearian12 descendants, father, mal I’ve decided to revise my theory on who Mal’s father is. Feel free to leave a comment on which theory you like best, and who you think Mal’s father is. Required fields are marked *. Mal is a natural-born leader. As a theorizer who wants to explore all options on who Mal’s father might be … I’m going to shed some light on the blue flame Mal encounters in the Descendants 3 teaser trailer. Change ). In further evidence, he’s not shown to be on the Isle, which in my opinion, makes him a great candidate for Mal’s father. It remains to be seen who will play Mal's dad in the upcoming installment. It's a theory describing how Hades can be Mals biological father. Disney's Descendants 3 Teaser Unravels the Mystery Behind Mal's Dad. It's a realistic, yet magic portrayal of the children of characters we all love. After a strange dream, Mal decides to go and find her father. In this Descendants 3 video, you will get to know all the known details so far about Mal's dad. However, in this theory, I’m going to explore a list of possible scenarios of many candidates for Mal’s father. In the movie Descendants 3, Hades is Mal's dad. Sh… Her most faithful companion, Although I never would have necessarily that she would be romantically involved with him, but she has always had him by her side, Like maleficent staff it’s possible Diablo could have been cursed into the staff like figure in the trailer posted 2/16/18, Well the first movie already discussed Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos exploring Auradon and ended liking it there and living the rest of their lives there, Descendants 2 talked about how Mal wanted to go back home where she encounters Uma, daughter of Ursula and has an epic a battle with her, In this third movie, the cast has not been released yet, so we don’t know which OG Disney Movie they will be incorporating into this movie, But my idea is that Descendants 3 will either go more into depth of the Sleeping Beauty movie, being maleficent’s family life and all, Or introduce new characters from Hercules; Hades. However, it’s unlikely that even a shadow version of Once Upon A Time’s Pan would be capable of love. In short, Chernabog is the source of all evil in the Disney universe, which possibly could be a reason why the Mistress of Evil would become weak for someone like him. Nextly, both Mal and Hades possess abilities of fire, though Mal inherits it through her mother because her mother is a dragon-sorceress. "Descendants 3" doesn't come out until summer 2019, but one of the movie's writers already ruled out this character as Mal's dad. So, if a shadow is so powerful, who’s to say it couldn’t possess magic to turn itself into a clone of the shadow’s owner? In a comment, I read on the Descendants Wikia, it was mentioned that in the House of Mouse, Maleficent and Hades might’ve dated. My theory is that Descendants 3 will really show Mal growing, show more of her character fighting between good and bad as she fights through all of these obstacles. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. These are the Disney Heroes/Heroines who have Auradon Kids. In theory, I think it’s possible that during the First Dark Curse, the Darkness was on the Isle of the Lost, took the form of the Dark One, and became close to Maleficent. Yet whenever she tries to prove herself to her mother, she often disappoints her instead. Scroll below to see everything we know about it, so far. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Wow! For one, both Hades and Mal have hot-tempers, Mal’s being more emotionally driven instead of anger-based like Hades.